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The principle and application of the diffuser plate
Release Time:2016-03-21 11:01:50Hits:83229

A, diffusion plate overview:

Diffuser is light by PMMA/PC/PET, the spread of the plastic base material layer, met with refractive index of different medium (diffusion particles), the multiple perspectives, multiple direction will happen the phenomenon of refraction, reflection and scattering, so as to achieve the light diffusion effect, the diffuser plate to show the lighting component provides a uniform plane light source.

Second, the diffusion plate theory basis:

Diffuser can play well the cause of the light diffusion is: when the light from one medium into another medium smooth interface, part of the light is reflection interface, the other part of light refraction through the interface in another medium. Angle of incidence is equal to the Angle of reflection of light and reflected light and the incident light is on the same level of both sides of the normal, this is the law of reflection. And refraction of light is in conformity with the law of refraction: refraction of light in the incident light and the normal plane, refracted light and incident light, on both sides of the normal and the incident Angle and the Angle of refraction of the ratio of the sine of a constant. Law of law of refraction and reflection are the basis of geometrical optics, they not only on the theoretical study, also for optical technology, especially the development of the diffuser and the set of optical products

Three, diffuser plate background:

With the vigorous development of the LED interior lighting, how to improve the design, improve the effect of the lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, on the premise of not reduce the brightness of lamps and lanterns, LED, glaring light becomes downy, healthy light source, is the LED lamps and lanterns has always focused on product research and development personnel, under this background, the diffuser arises at the historic moment. The birth of the diffuser plate, is the necessary trend of replacing traditional ground glass lamp shade, it will play a "see the light of sight lamp bead" effect.

Four, diffusion plate features:

1, the spread of the traditional plate was conducted in material surface grinding processing means, such as fog degree is low and the light absorption rate is high, light transmittance is low, only about 50%. New diffuser plate, according to the characteristics of the market of lamps and lanterns, especially the characteristics of the LED flat light and tube light, aia optical to optical PS/PMMA/PC board plastic for base material, USES the advanced optical design and diffusion material, through scientific formula and processing, make the light in the chemistry between particles and resin refraction, reflection and scattering constantly, so as to adjust the light propagation direction of the scientific, so that the diffuser plate products with high light transmittance and good light diffusion effect.

2, texture smooth surface grinding processing, the visual effect of high-grade beautiful, wear resistance, scratch resistance, stable performance, uv resistance, good weatherability and diffusion of PMMA plate below 80 degrees Celsius can use for a long time, and PC diffusion plate can be used in the high temperature of 120 degrees.

3, diffuser plate processing is convenient, can be hot bending, thermoplastic, no influence on the properties of ceramic materials.

Five, the diffuser plate areas of application:

1, high degree of diffusion plate is suitable for the straight down type light source of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, such as tube lamp, grille lamp, high-grade aluminum lamp.

2, high light transmittance diffuser plate is suitable for the side light source, LED lighting lamps and lanterns, such as plate lamp, advertising light boxes, professional view lamp ultra-thin light boxes, etc., usually used and collocation of light guide plate.